Top Tips to Get Fit and Feel Epic

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Getting Ready to Exercise

Getting Ready to Exercise

Thinking about my exercise journey, I would consider myself quite active. I usually prefer walking than taking on the bus for short distance and I enjoy taking little man to the park on weekends for a nice walk.

Before having a child, I used to go to the gym most weekdays. I would spend a couple of hours each time and do lots of classes including kickboxing, aerobics, Body Pump, Body Combat. I would either run or walk in the treadmill before the class and do some weights too.

Exercising at Home

Exercising at Home

However since I gave birth to little man nearly 4 years ago, I don’t have as much time to go the gym. There is the childcare issue, little man goes to bed quite early, so I can’t just leave him at home and go to the gym.

I have been keeping fit by exercising at home and also attending Zumba classes once or twice a week.

Exercising at home is good as you don’t need to leave the house, but you can also get distracted easily – if the phone rings, if there is something interesting on TV, if your child wakes up.

Exercising at Home

Hubby Exercising at Home

There are a thousand reasons to get you distracted while exercising at home. The best way to exercise at home is by getting an exercise partner, whether it is your husband or housemate, it is great when there is someone else involved. Make them part of your exercising routine, so you can keep each other motivated. Hubby and I exercise together at home, we put some music on, while I’m on the stepper, he is doing weights.

Zumba Class

Zumba Class

I have an office job, so I sit at my desk all day and it is quite easy to over indulge in cakes and biscuits. I do try and eat healthy, I enjoy fruit and veg and I have my 5-a-day most days. As I spend most of the day sitting down, I try and keep active by going to Zumba.

I have been attending Zumba for over a year now and I still enjoy it very much. I know the instructor and most of the girls quite well by now, so we keep each other motivated.

Hubby Playing Football

Hubby Playing Football

Exercise makes me feel more confident, more active and full of energy. It sounds a bit contradictory, but after an intensive workout, I have more energy than before going to the class.

My body also releases endorphin and feel-good hormones, so I leave the class in good spirits and looking forward to the next one. My self-steam has also improved considerably since I started going to Zumba. I remember my very first day, I was the one at the back, hiding behind all the girls. As time went on, I learnt the routines and I started moving forward and now I am in the first roll in the class.

I always wanted to run a marathon, so I plan on start training soon using the coach potato to 5k training. I will take part in the Race for Life this summer, can’t wait!

Get Fit Feel Epic

My Top Tips to Get Fit and Feel Epic:

  • Find an activity that you enjoy and commit to it. Some days you might not want to attend it, but you just have to go. Get ready and go, you will not regret!
  • Invite a friend to exercise with you or make friends at the gym/class. Once there are others involved, you will feel more motivated to exercise.
  • Make exercise part of your daily routine: get off one bus/train stop earlier or take a longer route to work. I particularly enjoy having a long walk to the station after a busy day at work, I usually walk to the following station and unwind.
  • If you don’t have time to attend classes and go to the gym, just try and be more active by walking more, 30 minutes a day will make a big difference in your mood and health.
  • Have fun! Yes, you need to enjoy it, otherwise you won’t stick to it. Zumba works well for me and football works well for hubby. You need to find what you enjoy and have fun while doing it! I am sure you will get fit and feel epic in no time!

This is my entry for Get Fit Feel Epic competition from Moneysupermarket.com over at Dashing Divas blog. Hubby and I have been using MyFitnessPal app to track our food intake and exercise, and I found out that it links up with FitBit, great way to track our exercise! We don’t have a decent scale, so a smart scale would help us to manage our weight. We would definitely Get Fit and Feel Epic in no time!

My New Year’s Resolutions

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New Year's Resolution

I know it’s already end of January, but I was enjoying the festive season until a couple of weeks ago. I always try and make Christmas last as long as possible. I love Christmas and it is not fair that it lasts just one day taking into account all the preparation involved.

I usually start the festive season as soon as the mince pies hit the shops and it lasts until I go back to my normal routine. The only problem is this time the mince pies arrived quite early and we went away on holiday for Christmas and New Year. We had a great time in France, but we had a bit too much cheese, wine and croissants! It was already mid-January when I went back to routine.

So what are my New Year’s Resolutions?

  • Drink more water: it sounds silly, but I don’t drink the daily recommended amount. I need to have a bottle of water with me throughout the day, otherwise I will forget to drink it.
  • Exercise more: I started going to Zumba over a year ago, however I can easily cancel a class to do something else, anything from tiredness to dinner invitations. Besides, I took a long break from Zumba at the beginning of December until mid-January. I consider that my New Year finally started when I went back to work and to Zumba. In order to exercise more, I will stop giving myself lame excuses and go to Zumba more often.
  • Eat healthy: I like fruit and veg, however I need to start eating more salads and include different fruit and vegetables in my diet. I love sweets, they are my weakness. I would swap a piece of fudge for a slice of pizza any day of the week. I need to reduce my sugary treats and replace them with naturally sweet fruit!

Right, now that Christmas is officially over, it’s time to start putting my New Year’s Resolution into practice so I can Get Fit and Feel Epic!

This is my entry for the Get Fit Feel Epic competition from Moneysupermarket.com, hosted at Mum Reinvented