Let it Snow, Let it Snow!


Snow this Morning

Snow this Morning

Yesterday we made the most of the snow and enjoyed a Day Out in the Snow.

I honestly didn’t think that we would see more snow today, however it’s been snowing all day in London.

Of course I’m not complaining! We don’t see snow often, so snow is always welcome!

It was lovely walking in the snow this morning, throwing snowballs and having fun in the snow.

Snow Fun in the Morning

Snow Fun in the Morning

It has been snowing the whole day, from early morning.

It’s funny that people don’t mind being out in the snow, but they don’t like being out when there is light rain – myself included.

I just had a look out of the window and it is still snowing.

I checked the weather forecast and it’s meant to snow all night – Woo Hoo!

Snow in the Evening

Snow in the Evening

Little man had so much fun! As we don’t know when the snow will melt away, little man was allowed to go outside in the evening for one last snowball fight with mummy and daddy.

He found a very big snowball – it was part of a snowman! Guess who was the lucky one for his special snowball?

I doubt his nursery will be open tomorrow as the roads around our house are full of snow and ice.

Hopefully the snow won’t melt overnight so we can have another fun day tomorrow playing in the snow – Can’t wait!

Little man is far asleep and I’ve just realised we have a new tub of ice cream – Perfect ending for a fun weekend!

Hope you all had a great weekend! 🙂

One Last Snowball Fight

One Last Snowball Fight


“Nothing like a new tub of ice cream after a busy weekend in the snow! #CaptureEuphoria”
This is my today’s picture for Ben and Jerry’s Capture Euphoria Day 7

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday

Piggy Bank Tale!

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Right, so now I officially have a blog!

I have been wanting a blog for quite some time, but I always try and delay it.

I suppose now it’s the time as I really want to enter (and possibly win) BritMums Piggy Bank Tales competition, sponsored by Virgin Money.

I would like to share my Piggy Bank Tale:

Before having a family, I didn’t understand the meaning of having to save money, however now I am fully aware of it! I am always checking our bank account and bills to make sure that we are not in debt.

My tip to survive the credit crunch would be to use your imagination to entertain the kids in a small budget.

We always try and have cheap days out, taking our packed lunch and going to free places.

As the weather is getting better and spring is here, it’s so much fun going to the part – and it’s Free!

Before heading to the park, you could go to a local supermarket and buy a packet of 4-6 ice creams. They are usually the same price that you would pay for a single ice cream in the park – saving you money!

Alternatively, you could have fun at home, in your own garden. We usually invite Paulo’s little cousins round and they have a great time in the garden. Paulo is the one on the left and his cousins in the picture on the side.

My little one also enjoys going to big toy stores so we can take him there for an hour or so. While we browse the shop, he tries the toys and has so much fun – and it’s Free!

We are trying to save in the daily basis just to make sure that our finances are ok and we are not in debt. Unfortunately we are unable to put some money away for the future, but hopefully soon!

Please note that this post is my entry for the BritMums Piggy Bank Tales competition, sponsored by Virgin Money.

Please let me know your piggy bank tales too!

Thank you! 🙂 x