JML produces a range of kitchen and cleaning products, including an oven cleaner which was recently awarded a Which? Best Buy.

I have been testing Doktor Power Multi-task Foam Action Cleaner over the past few weeks and it is great!

Doktor Power Power Multi-task Foam Action Cleaner (RRP £4.99) is an environmentally friendly hard cleaning stone that comes complete with a specially designed applicator which stores away easily in the lid. I found it quite clever that you can just open the lid, use it and put it away safely after each use.

Non-toxic and bio-degradable, Doktor Power is incredible value and incredibly effective! Clean your oven, your trainers, your counter tops, and your bathroom with this powerful multi-task foam and applicator.

Doktor Power is suitable for ovens and hobs, pots and pans, worktops, sinks and baths, taps and tiles, glass, chrome, brass, silver, stainless steel, motorbike & bicycle wheels, UPVC window frames and doors, plastic garden furniture, floors, car alloys and trainers.

Doktor Power is the original foam action, multi-task super-cleaning treatment that can be used all over the house. You can clean your kitchen from top to bottom with Doktor Power, including the pans.

You can also make your car alloys and outside furniture sparkle like new. Doktor Power is also great on tough on limescale and soap scum in the bathroom.

Doktor Power comes with a specialised sponge applicator included. In order to use Doktor Power you just need to wet the applicator, rub into the special Doktor Power formula and squeeze to release the power.

Doktor Power Original is a cost effective cleaner with amazing cleaning power. It has a super strength formula and it is concentrated to last. Doktor Power Multi-task Foam Action Cleaner is formulated with no harmful chemicals, it is non-toxic, biodegradable and bleach and phosphate free.

For more information visit Doktor Power website.