I was delighted to be invited to Ribena PlayLab in London. Unfortunately I could not attend as I was working, however daddy went with little man. I clearly instructed daddy to take lots of photos and give me a full report upon his return.

When they got home, I was told how lovely it was, Paulo had such a good time at PlayLab. He was playing with play dough, making music out of Ribena bottles, running through tunnels, playing with balls and really enjoying himself!

He played so much that he fell asleep on the underground on the way home. I always think it’s a good sign when children are tired, it shows that they had a good time.

Ribena PlayLab was an event designed for the launch for the Ribena Plus Play Report. This report was created with input from Play England and Trajectory Partnership, and surveyed over 2000 parents with quite shocking results.

Findings (from 2,000 parents) show that parents are suffering a major confidence crisis and letting gadgets take over, with almost 50% saying they’d like help with playing with their kids.

My suggestion to parents out there is: try and make the most of your children as they grow up really fast. They can have a great time with simple games. They just need your time and attention!