I put together a selection of lovely food and drink that I have been trying and I will be enjoying during the festive season. My suggestions below have been tried, tested and loved!

In the morning, I will wake up to a cup of Douwe Egberts smooth caramel flavoured coffee.

Douwe Egberts launched The Flavour Collective, a new range of delicious flavoured instant coffee, premium coffee infused with a variety of tantalizing flavours.

Douwe Egberts The Flavour Collective is available in three flavours: Delicate Vanilla, Smooth Caramel and Roasted Hazelnut.

I should add I am more of a tea person, but I have been enjoying flavoured coffee instead.

Douwe Egberts The Flavour Collective comes in an elegant glass jar and there is a burst of beautiful smell once you open the jar.

The lovely flavours add a different twist, making flavoured coffee a great alterative to tea and hot drinks in general.

Smooth caramel is by far my favourite flavour as it has a sweet hint of caramel and it smells gorgeous.

I also like Roasted Hazelnut full-bodied nutty flavour and Delicate Vanilla rich and smooth flavour.

The Flavour Collective range from Douwe Egberts is available in Sainsbury’s and Tesco stores, RRP £2.99 for 50g jar (25 servings).

For more information, visit Douwe Egberts website. You can follow Douwe Egberts on Twitter and Douwe Egberts on Facebook.

Mid-morning, I will be enjoying Sakata, light and crispy Japanese Rice Crackers.

Sakata rice crackers are oven baked, gluten free, low in saturated fat (less than 3% fat) and made with 100% natural flavours and colourings.

Sakata is available in four different flavours:

  • Original – lightly seasoned with salt
  • Classic Cheddar – full bodied authentic cheddar taste
  • Sizzling Barbecue – tangy and sweet mouth-watering BBQ
  • Sour Cream & Chives – smooth and creamy flavour

My favourite flavour is Sour Cream & Chives, it is light and very tasty.

I was surprised to find out that there are only 8 calories per cracker and just over 100 calories per serving.

Each serving consists of a row of crackers and they are 4 servings per pack. You could enjoy Sakata as a snack or also have it with dips.

Sakata crackers are available from Waitrose, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Co-op and Amazon, RRP RRP £1.99 per 100g pack.

For more information, visit Sakata website. You can follow Sakata Crackers on Twitter and Sakata crackers on Facebook.

After lunch, when we fancy a sweet treat, we will be enjoying Swizzels Matlow’s Squashies.

Squashies is a new sweet range that transformed favourite brands into a fun, squashy gum format. Squashies is a soft version of iconic sweets with no artificial colours.

Squashies is available in four flavours: Drumsticks, Refreshers, Love Hearts and Double Lollies.

We have been trying Squashies Love Hearts and they are soft and light. Not only that, Squashies Love Hearts are also delicious and fun.

Squashies Love Hearts is popular with the whole family, so I can’t wait to try the other flavours. Who doesn’t like sweets anyway?

Squashies Love Hearts is also colourful and bright. I tried to make a Christmas tree using the sweets!

I don’t even need to say that my Christmas tree didn’t live long – it was quickly eaten!

Squashies is available from Asda, Sainsbury’s and Co-op, RRP £1.49 for a 160g bag and RRP £0.45 for 45g mini packet.

For more information and to download the new free Squashies World app, visit Squashies website.

You can also follow Swizzels Matlow on Twitter and Swizzels Matlow on Facebook.

Afternoon tea with gourmet Bluebasil chocolate brownies – gorgeously fudgy, rich and dreamily decadent brownies. Bluebasil has a range of handmade brownies, delivered with a personal message, beautifully wrapped in a snug box, tied with string and an old fashion luggage tag.

Bluebasil Brownies has a lovely Christmas selection of gourmet brownies including:

Dark Orange & Ginger Brownie is made with chocolate, dark orange and ginger chocolate, orange blossom water and ground ginger. It has a fruity orange and clean ginger flavour in the rich chocolate brownie, it was hubby’s favourite flavour.

Coffee & Irish Cream Brownie is made with chocolate, Irish cream, alcohol and coffee. It is full of flavour and it goes down really well with a nice cup of coffee.

Classic Chunky Chocolate Brownie is made with dark chocolate and milk chocolate chunks. It is a delicious rich and creamy classic brownie, simple and delicious!

Rudolph’s Rumnut Brownie is made with chocolate, raisins, dark rum and mixed spices, topped with Brazilian nut flakes. It is nutty and fruity, very tasty! It’s my favourite flavour.

Bluebasil brownies look lovely, are beautifully presented and delivered, they are also full of flavour and unique. It is great idea for a Christmas present, you can choose the flavours and personalise the gift box.

Bluebasil brownies gift box are available from Bluebasil website from RRP £14.50 for 9 piece, £17.50 for 12 piece and £21.50 for 16 piece. You can follow Bluebasil Brownies on Twitter and Bluebasil Brownies on Facebook

The evening is here, so what better way to enjoy than with liqueur and cocktails!

Tia Maria is a dark and rich Caribbean liqueur combining exotic Jamaican rum and superior coffee. You could enjoy it with cola or make a cocktail out of it. Since it’s Christmas, cocktails are more appropriate and festive!

Tia Maria has a new elegant bottle, making an ideal gift for friends and family. You could also impress them with the cocktails below:

Tia Espresso Martini

This rich and smooth cocktail is our version of this classic cocktail. The aromatic notes of Tia Maria add more depth and smoothness to the mix, whilst the delicious combination of coffee, vodka and Tia’s dark liqueur gives a depth of flavour that will appeal to those with opulent tastes.

  • 25cl TIA MARIA
  • 25cl espresso coffee
  • 25cl vodka
  • 10cl sugar syrup to taste
  • Coffee beans to Garnish


Combine all ingredients together with cubed ice in a Boston and shake. Pour into a martini glass and garnish with coffee beans.

Tia Ginger

This Tia Maria and ginger mixed drink will keep you warm from the inside out during the frosty, winter months, and the combination gives a real twist to the spicy taste of ginger beer, a traditional Christmas flavour.

  • 35cl TIA MARIA
  • Half a fresh lime
  • Ginger Beer


Pour ingredients into a highball glass filled with ice, squeeze in the juice of half a fresh lime and garnish with fresh mint

Tia Maria is stocked in all major supermarkets, RRP £14.69 for a 70cl bottle. For more information, visit Tia Maria website. You can follow Tia Maria on Twitter and Tia Maria on Facebook.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

The products were provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed in this guide are honest and entirely my own.