Let it Snow, Let it Snow!


Snow this Morning

Snow this Morning

Yesterday we made the most of the snow and enjoyed a Day Out in the Snow.

I honestly didn’t think that we would see more snow today, however it’s been snowing all day in London.

Of course I’m not complaining! We don’t see snow often, so snow is always welcome!

It was lovely walking in the snow this morning, throwing snowballs and having fun in the snow.

Snow Fun in the Morning

Snow Fun in the Morning

It has been snowing the whole day, from early morning.

It’s funny that people don’t mind being out in the snow, but they don’t like being out when there is light rain – myself included.

I just had a look out of the window and it is still snowing.

I checked the weather forecast and it’s meant to snow all night – Woo Hoo!

Snow in the Evening

Snow in the Evening

Little man had so much fun! As we don’t know when the snow will melt away, little man was allowed to go outside in the evening for one last snowball fight with mummy and daddy.

He found a very big snowball – it was part of a snowman! Guess who was the lucky one for his special snowball?

I doubt his nursery will be open tomorrow as the roads around our house are full of snow and ice.

Hopefully the snow won’t melt overnight so we can have another fun day tomorrow playing in the snow – Can’t wait!

Little man is far asleep and I’ve just realised we have a new tub of ice cream – Perfect ending for a fun weekend!

Hope you all had a great weekend! 🙂

One Last Snowball Fight

One Last Snowball Fight


“Nothing like a new tub of ice cream after a busy weekend in the snow! #CaptureEuphoria”
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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Snow Day: Priceless Fun


Snow DayToday we had a snow day!

Little man was meant to go to Greek school, but it got cancelled this morning because of adverse weather conditions.

So we made the most of our day and had lot of fun in the snow!

Daddy and Little ManAlthough it was quite cold (obviously), we couldn’t even feel the cold as we were having so much fun throwing snowballs, running around and giggling.

I’m Brazilian, I’ve never seen any snow in my life until I was 18. So I still find snow special and magical.

I’m like a little kid when it’s snowing. It started snowing while I was at work yesterday, and I kept getting up from my desk every 15 minutes or so to look outside.

I was scared the snow would melt by the time I left work, but I’m glad there was still a lot of snow around this morning!

Snow+Rock Snow BootsWe put our coats and boots on and went outside for some snow fun. I put my snow boots to good use as there was lots of snow and ice everywhere.

I must say the boots were really good, kept my feet warm throughout the day (and I didn’t fall!).

Little Man Rolling in the SnowLittle man can’t really remember the snowfall we had last year, so today was the first time he enjoyed the snow.

Tasting SnowballsHe made the most out of it, he really enjoyed himself. The big smile on his face was just priceless!

By the time I saw, he was rolling around in the snow, he even tried to eat a snowball.

I am aware that England nearly stops when there is a snowfall. Cancellations and delays causing inconvenience to everyone, however snow is just amazing!

Even though we missed our flight to Brazil in December 2010 because of snow, we still love it.

After all the running around and snowball fights, we got a bit peckish.

We had a much needed ice cream break to renew our energy, then we were ready for some more snow fun!

What were you up to this weekend? Did you have lots of fun in the snow?

I would love to hear what you got up to!

Hope you all are having a lovely snow weekend! 🙂Daddy making Snowballs

Ice Cream in the Snow

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“Much Needed Break from Snowball Fight! #CaptureEuphoria”
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