On Friday, I went to London Transport Museum with little man and we had a great time!

Paulo’s nursery planned a day trip to the museum. We had lunch as soon as we got there and afterwards we wondered around the building: three floors with old buses and trains.

You can get in some of the buses and sit on the driver seat. It was really popular with little ones!

Children can let their imaginations run wild as they climb aboard fun versions of a bus, train, Tube and taxi. They can take the wheel, becoming a driver for the day, or bump around with the other passengers in the back.

They can also explore a miniature London, taking control of the transport system, moving buses and trains around London’s most famous landmarks.

I would definitely recommend London Transport Museum whether you are taking your little ones or going with friends.

It’s a great activity if you are stuck indoors in a rainy day. Jump on the train to Covent Garden and go to Please feel free to check out their website for further information and activities: http://www.ltmuseum.co.uk/