Halloween will be here soon, I can’t believe it’s already that time of the year!

Of course I am looking forward to it, but I just think it came by too quickly this year!

We were invited by Vision Direct to review a spook-tastic product: Halloween Lenses.

We love Halloween, but we’ve never tried any cosmetic lenses before so we were looking forward to it!

We could pick a pair of Phantasee cosmetic lenses (RRP £29.00), from creepy cat-eyes to UV glow, the lenses are simple non-prescription coloured contacts and opaque.

Phantasee cosmetic lenses are available in the following ranges of Crazy and Halloween lenses: Anime, Cat Eyes, Cool, UV Glow, Space, Vivid, Symbols and Seasons.

There is a large selection of wicked lenses, so it was quite hard to pick only one pair.

I chose Dragon Eye from Scary Range and my football mad hubby went for Soccer from Symbols range.

They are annual replacement contact lenses that require maintenance and cleaning, so we were also sent Multi-use solution and lens cases (RRP £3.00) for care of the lenses.

I’ve never tried any cosmetic lenses before but I do wear contact lenses on a daily basis, so it was quite easy to try my Halloween lenses.

It literally took me less than a minute to put them both on as I’ve been wearing lenses for years.

However it took quite some time for hubby to try his Halloween lens as it was his first time wearing lenses.

Hubby nearly gave up but he was determined to put his soccer lenses on.

If you haven’t tried contact lens before, you can check out this dedicated Phantasee FAQ so you can learn more of how to use the lenses.

Hubby has blue eyes and the Soccer lens covered up really well his eye colour.

The first photo shows his eyes without the lenses, then he transformed once he put his soccer lenses on.

In the other picture, you can see one eye with the Soccer lens and the other eye without so you can compare the effect and coverage in the same picture.

We go out for Halloween as a family. Hubby will be dressing up as Dracula on Halloween with his soccer lens.

I’m sure Dracula secretly plays footy on his spare time!

Hubby needs a bit more practice on putting on his contact lenses, but he should be good to go in a few days.

Now it’s time to check my Dragon Eye lens.

I have brown eyes and the first thing I noticed is that the coverage is great.

My eyes are quite dark, so I wasn’t sure if the contact lens would stand out, but it did!

You can see my eye colour in the photo I have the Dragon Eye lens on only one eye.

I will be dressing up as a Wicked Witch with Dragon eyes.

The red and yellow colours of the contact lens will compliment my orange and black dress.

I personally think I looked quite scary with my cosmetic lenses on, I loved my scary look!

I must admit we enjoyed our Halloween preview, we had fun trying the lenses on!

We are looking forward to going out on Halloween wearing our Halloween contact lens.

Phantasee cosmetic lenses are highly recommended if you would like to stand out on 31st October and spice up your outfit for your Halloween party!

Which cosmetic lens would you choose?

Would you go for a fun pair like hubby or a scary one like me?

Have a spook-tastic Halloween!

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